Successful completion of the project “e-State Exam” in Croatia

  • 11/22/2022

The company Teched Consulting Services has successfully finished the project e-State Exam for the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration of the Republic of Croatia.

According to the Civil Servants Act, the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration (“MPU”) is in charge of the development and implementation of state exams. Based on that Act, the Ministry issued a rulebook on taking the state exam.

The development of the new examination system, i.e. the introduction of the e-State Exam, was one of the key activities of the MPU’s Implementation program for further development of human resources management in public administration. It was funded in the context of the Croatian National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

One of the key activities of the e-State Exam project was the creation of a comprehensive information system for the e-State Exam that connects external systems with data sources from the Register of Employees in the Public Sector and Electronic Records Management Application, which enables electronic registration, organization and implementation of examinations, as well as the development of examination materials and delivery of documents related to e-State Exams.

The main goal of the project was to ensure objective, valid and standardized examination. The new examination system is entirely transparent in order to prevent favouritism. This mode of examination enables continuous tracking and upgrading of all segments of examination development and implementation.

Several seminars and webinars were held regarding all features of the e-State exam application for various end-users. More than 1 000 users have passed training. In the first two terms more than 30 candidates passed the exam using the new system.

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