Hosting a Georgian project team (EUVEGE project)

  • 10/3/2015

With the aim of supporting the qualification process of employees of the EU Funded project “EUVEGE” in Georgia, a study tour related to the Labour Market (LM) sector was organised in Croatia. The study tour members had the chance to meet the private company Teched Consulting Services, in addition to the Croatian Employment Services. Teched is the leading IT company in developing and elaborating Labour Market Information System solutions to public and private entities in Croatia and some other countries. Teched has expertise in developing LMIS (Labour Market Information Systems) and EMIS (Education Management Information Systems) concepts that might be applied in Georgia in cooperation with the MoLHSA (Ministry of Labour, Health, and Social Affairs) and MoES (Ministry of Education and Science).

The team leader of the EUVEGE project, Mr Wulf Schmieder said: “We have seen and discussed theory and practice of career guidance systems and other active LM instruments. We gained insight in designing and applying LMIS. We learned about the operational practice of private employment companies and many other topics of interest, all Croatian counterparts were very open and supportive”.