Product description

The purpose of the Anti-Corruption Management System (ACMS) is to assist the responsible coordinating body  to meet the national / international standards required for the fight against corruption. ACMS is built upon an Anti-corruption data framework, i.e. a high-level concept-model built to support the fight against corruption which provides the foundation for increased efficiency of the processes related to anti-corruption activities, greater data transparency and accuracy, and the possibility of measuring performance and cost effectiveness of anti-corruption programmes. The Anti-Corruption Management System provides the necessary IT support for the management of an anti-corruption action plan, anti-corruption measures, anti-corruption activities and the source of funding of those activities

Product Details

  • Name: ACMS


  • The system assists the responsible coordinating body (Coordinator) in meeting national / international standards required for the fight against corruption
  • It enables measuring the performance and cost effectiveness of an anti-corruption programmes
  • It automates the work and increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the coordinating institution in anti-corruption programmes
  • It supports the secure and reliable flow of anti-corruption related information and data in a digital format between the Coordinator and stakeholders
  • It raises public awareness related to the implementation of anti-corruption plans, measures and activities
  • It enables the promotion of anti-corruption measures and active involvement of citizens in the execution of anti-corruption activities.