Product description

Face-to-face household inter-view surveys require a substantial flow of information between the geographically dispersed interviewing staff and the survey organization's central offices. When paper-and-pencil methods are used, training materials, interviewing assignments, and blank inter-view forms typically are mailed to the interviewers or distributed during group training sessions. Completed interview forms, reports on the disposition of uncompleted cases, and related information are mailed back. Once received in the survey organization’s central office, completed forms are manually typed into the survey database, codes are manually assigned by operators who perform typing and correct as many errors as possible. This inefficient process results in a lot of manual work and long intervals between the actual data collection and the data processing and production of statistical materials for publications.   Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) significantly enhances this process.  

Product Details

  • Name: CAPI-CMS


  • Complete Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) Solution
  • Integrates with Blaise which is de-facto standard for Computer Assisted Interviewing (CAI)
  • Supports all processes necessary for Interviewer to conduct his work – receive surveys from households, open survey, collect and send data
  • Supports off-line interviewing - interviewer does not have to be connected to the Internet to conduct an interview
  • Supports conducting multiple surveys by the same interview-er which can significantly reduce survey costs
  • Supports delivery of new surveys to interviewers in the field without the need for them to travel to their regional or central office
  • Supports business processes of the survey organization's central office – management of interviewers, surveys, transfers and data aggregation
  • Supports preparation of progress, performance and accounting reports for the Interviewers.