Product description

The Justice Information System is a business solution for case and document management and monitoring of business processes with special adaptations for justice sector and government bodies. It is built according to the specific requirements, roles and procedures of in the field of justice and public sector, and as a single web application environment it supports the day-to-day business and analysis activities in the field of justice and public sector. JIS is designed for government institutions whose operations are tracked in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act and the Regulation on Writing Office, and public companies which are not liable to the legal provisions, but which often cooperate with governmental institutions.

Product Details

  • Name: JIS


  • It is a centralized storage mechanism for management of all business processes of Justice sector including cases, documents, tasks and workflows
  • It provides a unified, web–based graphical interface for accessing the data, adjusted to be used in the industry-standard web browsers
  • It is a complete, role-based access control mechanism to manage user access rights and permissions
  • It contains application logic that manages the complete case and document lifecycle, including document scanning and support for storing digital version of the documents
  • It enables generating documents by using defined document templatesIt provides a “user – customizable” advanced search mechanism intended to efficiently search for information within the data stored in the JIS system
  • It provides production of statistical information and generating of relevant reports.