Product description

Criminal Intelligence plays an important role in the fight against serious and organized crime, particularly due to the increasing complexity and sophistication of organized crime. If operational and intelligence capacities of a law enforcement organization are insufficient, investigators will not get timely information to help them solve crimes, apprehend perpetrators and detect illegal activities of organized crime groups. Having such problems, law enforcement organizations cannot plan a long-term law enforcement strategy. The operational work of conducting criminal, analytical and related investigations requires many resources, and can often end up inefficient. Common problems include holding some data only on paper, unintegrated and unstructured information resources, the lack of efficient access to the overall knowledge base, as well as slow, inefficient and unsafe exchange of classified information. In order to increase operational efficiency and productivity and to address the need for integration of available information, applications and services, as well as the requirement for national availability and secure access to all relevant data, the LECIS (Law Enforcement Criminal Intelligence System) was developed.  LECIS is a specialised system, designed to provide information support for operational, criminal and analytical investigations, that enables controlled sharing of classified information stored in the system.

Product Details

  • Name: LECIS


  • Supports operational work of law enforcement organizations
  • Provides support in conducting covert criminal and analytical investigations
  • Linking of objects that are the subject of operational, criminal or analytical investigations, such as people, vehicles, mobile phones, weapons etc.
  • Need-to-know, and right-to-know security policies built into the system
  • Display and analysis of geospatial data such as the location of the incident, traffic accidents, the location of a mobile phone etc.
  • Management and analysis of phone call records
  • Management of secret surveillance of telecommunications devices, support for listening and processing of phone calls, export of phone call data for the Court and the archiving of data
  • Support for data analysis tools (Business Intelligence) such as Microsoft Excel for producing statistics and trends
  • Integration with external analytical tools such as the IBM Analyst Notebook for analysts