Project description

The overall objective of the project is to provide support to the Government of Montenegro to achieve the goals of accession to the European Union and to improve the decision-making process by providing the Montenegrin environment authorities with sound, reliable data. This involves reengineering the relevant public services and carrying out the digitization of these selected public services and consolidation of the infrastructure for the sustainability of the digitized services.

The specific purpose of this contract is to develop an integrated Environmental Information System (EIS) as a tool for storing, processing, analysing data and reporting on the environment, and subsequently to train the staff working with the EIS to be able to maintain and upgrade it. The system collects data from various sources and includes a Spatial Data Infrastructure that is in line with the INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European community) Directive. The system is implemented through an overarching web-portal that will is to be accessed by internal and external authenticated users. A Content management system has been developed for managing the portal content.  The IT solution is built on Microsoft platform, with Microsoft Windows Server operating system and IIS application server. The database used is PosgreSQL.

The expected results from the project include:
  • Review and further development of the existing database for storing environmental information
  • Design and develop a custom web application for each environmental sector to provide data entry and management functionality
  • Establish a Spatial Data Infrastructure in the Beneficiary’s IT production environment
  • Develop a Content Management System
  • Train the EPA personnel and cooperating institutions to be able to use and maintain the EIS

Project activities

  • Analysis of the existing IT system and reengineering of the business processes
  • Digitization of selected public services
  • Design and development of the integrated data system EIS, providing data entry and management functionalities
  • Iterative development and testing of the system
  • Installation and consolidation of the infrastructure and application services, to ensure sustainability of the digitized services
  • Installation and preparation of the testing, training and production environments
  • Preparation of the Test Plan and testing of the integrated system
  • Pilot and final deployment of the software
  • Preparation of the Training Plan and training materials
  • Delivery of training to users of the system and to system administrators, to enable them to maintain and upgrade the system in the future