Project description

BSS is running the “Modernization of the Barbados Statistical Service Project” whose purpose is to strengthen the ability of the BSS to provide relevant, timely and quality economic and social statistics, and establish its leadership in this area within the public sector. New BSS ICT architecture aims at achieving these goals through three main initiatives: 

  • Centralizing the access to all data and metadata by means of a central data and metadata repository
  • Creating a web-based platform that will allow access to BSS data, metadata, tools and products, thus promoting collaboration among the BSS, NSS parties, other organizations as well as the public
  • Emphasizing the importance of metadata throughout the entire lifecycle of the statistics production process

Within this project we implemented:

  • BSS Central Data Repository, Aggregated Data Databases adn Multidimensional Data databases where all BSS data and metadata are stored, with Business Intelligence solution 
  • BSS Statistics Portal, internal (for BSS and partner organizations) and external (accessible from Internet), acting as a central hub for the dissemination and publication of BSS statistical products as well as the collection, submission and exchange of data and metadata. 
  • Statistical Metadata System for the creation, management and maintenance of all BSS metadata.


Project activities

BSS web portal:

  • Design, development and implementation of the BSS Web Portal using a Liferay Content Management System 
  • Configuring set of tools for data collection, analysis and production, visualization, publication and dissemination on the portal
  • Designing, developing and implementing Online Survey Management module of the web portal
  • Supporting the data exchange process between the BSS and MDAs/NSS members via portal

BSS Central Data Repository:

  • Preparing design of Primary Data databases, Aggregated and Multidimensional Data database, Register databases
  • Integrate Central Repository Databases with data generated by statistical products such as SPSS, STATA, ArcGIS, CSPro and SDMX Metadata Management system
  • Design and develop Data Warehouse with Raw, Clean and Validated data databases and ETL procedures
  • Design and develop multi-dimensional data cubes for On-Line Analytical Processing
  • Migrate data from existing MS Access and MS Excel databases
  • Training on the Data Warehouse Technologies.

Metadata Management System:

  • Implement a Metadata Management System based on SDMX registry by Eurostat or substantially equivalent software.
  • Design and implementation of the metadata database.
  • Customization of the SDMX Registry to fit the BSS’ needs. 
  • Integration of the SDMX Registry with the BSS Web Portal.  
  • Migration of existing metadata to the metadata database. 
  • Detailed documentation of the entire system.