Project description

The overall purpose of the project is to increase the efficiency in managing taxpayers' data, to increase tax reporting and collection, and to find an effective way to fight tax fraud, by consolidating a number of IT systems. The integrated system will increase the use of e-services, including for citizens, effectively manage taxpayer data, increase the reported and paid taxes, and enable a more effective fight against tax fraud.

The new system enables Tax Administration officials to manage and organize e-services in a unique, easy and effective way, offering all services in one place. The main goal of this project is to develop a unique portal for the Tax Administration that ensures the availability of a large number of e-services for taxpayers – both businesses and citizens - according to the One-Stop-Shop principle, by connecting with e-Citizens. The unique portal of the Tax Administration contains all relevant information and data on taxpayers managed by the Tax Administration, and will become the central point of access for all taxpayers to all services offered by the Tax Administration. For Large taxpayers the aim is to provide access via internet for a direct G2B connection so that businesses can connect their own software to e-Tax Administration services and thus reduce the cost of fulfilling tax obligations. The existing organizational structure, business processes, services and applications for communication with taxpayers were analysed, the system designed and the unique portal of the Tax Administration developed accordingly. The taxpayer has access to many personalized e-services including:

  • viewing basic information about the taxpayer, taken from the taxpayers’ register
  • tracking the status of their tax debts or prepayments by viewing their tax accounting card
  • possibility of submitting certain requests to the Tax Administration, including repayment and reposting of taxes and contributions, and application for a refund
  • submitting the forms DOH, ZPP-DOH, P-PPI i DOH-Z
  • access to a mailbox that allows electronic messages and documents to be received from the Tax Administration
  • submitting forms for refund of VAT and excise duty (Form P-DIP)
  • Web services for direct G2B connecting to e-services
  • access to all existing e-services in the eTax system.
Businesses will have access to the new portal in the same way as they access the current eTax system.  Citizens will have access to the e-services through the Unified Portal of the Tax Administration, via the e-Citizens system, by enabling the use of NIAS credentials (e.g. mToken, FINA ePass, the new Identity card, Internet banking code etc.), so that they can log on to the system without the need for additional registration. All services can be used at any time and from any place.

Project activities

  • Analysis of the existing information systems and processes
  • Creating functional and technical specifications
  • Creating a visual identity specification
  • System design
  • Developed and implemented a unique Portal for Tax Administration
  • Training for Tax Administration Officers (in the area of management and maintenance of the unique Tax Administration Portal)
  • Developed and implemented a plan to raise awareness of the new services of the unique Tax Administration Portal