Project description

The Framework for the Digital Competence of Schools was part of the overall e-School programme in Croatia. The project was primarily intended for three groups of users in schools: 1) Teachers and professional associates, 2) School’s directors and 3) administrative staff. The Framework proposes 36 competences, and consists of three dimensions, namely: "General Digital Competence", "Competence for Application of Digital Technology in Education" and "Digital School Management Competencies". These dimensions were created in accordance with the specific requirements of the key user groups.

Results of the project were as follows:
1)       Report on the results of research and analysis of the existing digital competence frameworks
2)       Three frameworks for digital competence for: a) Teachers and professional associates, b) School’s Directors and c) Administrative staff
3)       A manual for the use of the digital competence framework.

The purpose of the Digital Competence Framework is:
  • For the e-School pilot project - forms the foundation for the development and implementation of an educational program aimed at improving the digital competence of all groups in the school.
  • For users in schools, institutions providing support for the educational system and other stakeholders in the education system (ministries, agencies, local self-government, parents etc.) – it provides an overview of the digital competences required for the application of digital technologies and resources within a particular position in the school, and thus provides important information for policy development and initiatives aimed at strengthening the digital competences of users in schools.
The greatest value of the Manual developed are descriptive situational examples demonstrating digital competencies in each type of business in each user group, for all three levels of individual competencies (initial, intermediate and advanced). In this way, users can easily link individual competencies with the jobs they perform in their daily work, which contributes to a more self-assessed level of individual competence and to the need for further development of individual competencies.

The Framework and the Manual are publicly available on the e-school portal in English and Croatian languages:

Project activities

  • Exploring the existing digital competence frameworks and their implementation in practice in the EU and in the world
  • Creating reports on the results of research and analysis of the existing digital competence frameworks
  • Selection of reference frameworks which are suitable for adapting the conditions in the education system of the Republic of Croatia
  • Creating three frameworks for digital competence, namely: a) for teachers and school’s associates, b) for school’s directors and c) for school’s administrative staff)
  • Creating a manual for the use of three digital competence frameworks
  • Drafting monthly progress reports