Project description

The overall objective of the project was to contribute to the promotion and protection of human rights (i.e. minority rights) and to contribute to the development of open and citizen-oriented public administration through the participation of citizens in public policies, as well as through the proactive role of public administration at the local and regional level in the Cohesion Policy of the European Union.

The purpose of the project was the full implementation of the rights of national minorities in the Republic of Croatia and the effective implementation of the Constitutional Act on the Rights of National Minorities through the establishment of a relevant electronic monitoring and reporting system and strengthening the institutional capacities of the Ministry of Administration and State Administration Offices in the Counties.

The project achieved the following results:
  • Establishment of an operational electronic system (called e-System) for monitoring and reporting on minority rights at the national, regional and local level,
  • Strengthened capacities of state administration bodies, local and regional self-government and national minority councils at the local level, and
  • An increased level of public awareness, including members of national minorities, of the protection of minority rights in the Republic of Croatia.
The company Teched Consulting Services was responsible for the design, software development and implementation of the e-System. The e-System is based on web technologies using open-source platforms, namely: HTML5, Java, PostgreSQL, and ReportServer. The e-System consists of a web application for data entry and data review, databases and a reporting system.

Training was provided, including a train the trainers programme, three pilot training programmes and ten one-day training programmes.

Project activities

  • Analysis of existing business processes for monitoring and data collection, as well as analyses of methodology, capacity and needs for monitoring the implementation of the Constitutional Act on the Rights of National Minorities
  • Design of the IT solution (i.e. web-based monitoring and reporting system) and its central database that allows entry of the data related to implementation of the Constitutional Act on the Rights of National Minorities
  • Testing IT solution and linking the contents of the database to the user's network
  • Provide assessment of training needs and develop the methodology, training programs and training materials
  • Draft a manual on the Constitutional Law on the Rights of National Minorities
  • Presented the features and purpose of the e-System at the central and in 10 regional centres