Project description

The goal of the project was to propose, analyse, test, review, design and finally communicate and prepare for scale-up of a Statistically Assisted Profiling model (StAP) for the Croatian Employment Service (CES).

The objective of the project was to pilot the use of statistical profiling techniques and design a software-based tool to manage the high case load of CES employment counsellors and to better focus CES limited resources.

The StAP tool provides support in planning and executing Active Labour Market Programmes (ALMPs) and reforms which have increased the number of population groups that public employment services traditionally targeted. In other words, the tool strives to support the overall reform agenda, including making it more attractive to work than to be on benefits, and enhancing cooperation between employment and social assistance systems

In order to ensure sustainability, the expert team developed a training programme, implemented training for usage of the new tool, and took steps for scaling-up the profiling model within the wider context of the CES processes.

In general, the purposes of the StAP system within the CES are to:
  • Enable the employment counsellors, who are currently managing many cases, to provide a more individualised approach to employment support. This also ensures greater standardisation of support to different groups/profiles of unemployed;
  • Ensure allocation of CES resources (human, material and financial) distributed throughout the fiscal year to focus on those profiles of unemployed who are most in need of support measures; and
  • Provide an additional instrument for increasing the effectiveness of ALMPs as well as to support the monitoring and impact evaluation in the long term, based on the various profiles of the unemployed and the type of support and measures provided.

During the project, Teched Consulting Services assisted in project development and management, business solutions development,development of StAP application and database prototype and e-learning programme development.

Project activities

  • Assessment of the current counselling and profiling procedures and proposals for improvement
  • Analysis and re-engineering of CES Business process related to the project
  • Proposing a model for adapting business process for statistically assisted profiling
  • Proposal of three prototype models of integration of StAP into existing business process of the CES
  • Analysis of each prototype to identify the one which is the most suitable for the purposes of the project
  • Design of the StAP tool prototype
  • Preparation and implementation of training of CES trainers and staff, based on procedural package and communication strategy
  • Technical workshop presenting the results of pilot and discussing scale up
  • Preparation of follow-up projects and activities