Project description

The goal of the project is to develop a comprehensive framework for improving the implementation, monitoring and measuring the effectiveness / purposiveness of the measures of integrative migrant policy in the Republic of Croatia. The purpose of the project is to implement the evaluation (analytical) and educational activities, as well as the activities of designing, developing, implementing and testing web-based platform for monitoring the implementation of the Action Plan for the integration of migrants in order to ensure the improvement of the implementation of integrative measures, monitoring their implementation and creating a place for evaluation the effect of an integrative migrant policy.

Within the project, the following results were achieved:
  • Trainings were conducted for trainers on standard procedures for providing psychosocial support to migrant pupils, programming interactive content and working with victims of trafficking
  • Evaluation framework for the integration migration policy in the Republic of Croatia was conducted
  • A new Integration Policy Framework (Action Plan) has been developed
  • A web-based platform for tracking and evaluating the Integration Policy Framework (Action Plan) and communication among stakeholders has been developed.
  • Trainings for trainers on using a web-based platform (web-site) to monitor the implementation of the integration migration policy framework have been carried out.

Teched was responsible for design, development and implementation of IT system based on web technologies. After the IT system was implemented, it was tested in cooperation of end-users. Teched’s experts participated in drafting training materials, as well as in train-the-trainers training delivery.

Project activities

  • Development of web based IT system
  • Organizing functional testing of the developed IT system
  • Preparation of training materials, organization and delivery of “training for trainers” for councils and representatives of national minorities
  • Drafting, printing and distribution of manual