Project description

ClipNet is a document management and workflow solution in line with business processes, developed first of all for the Ministry of Interior, and subsequently adapted to the requirements of the Public Relations department of the Government of Croatia.

The ClipNet solution is made up of 2 components:

  • eClip subsystem which is developed to support automatic data gathering, conversion, preparation and publishing (e.g. of scanned pictures from newspapers).  The system also includes a module that enables users to view the data collected, both current and archived data
  • eDoc subsystem is a document management system also used for data processing – OCR processing, describing data with metadata and publishing the data in a central storage database, using XML standards.  The published data is accessible to authorised users through the LAN/WAN, using advanced search capabilities.  Workflow functionality is provided in this subsystem to standardise the procedure of publishing documents in the database
The system has been developed as a Client-Server application, with the client side application having OCR (Optical character recognition) functionality which uses integrated Abbyy FineReader technology.  The server side is developed using Microsoft Sharepoint portal Server which uses a WebStore database and Microsoft SQL Server RDBMS for storing metadata.
The project involved analysis of the business processes which need to be supported by the system, documentation of requirements, design and development of the system in accordance with the requirements, testing and implementation of the software.  Training materials were also developed and users trained in the use of the system.  Since implementation of the system, in both of our clients we have been responsible for support and maintenance of the system.

Project activities

  • Business process analysis and documentation of requirements
  • Design and development of a document management system with workflow functionality, in line with business processes 
  • Testing the software 
  • Implementation of the software 
  • Provision of user training 
  • Project management 
  • Support and maintenance of the system