Project description

The objective of this project was to design a system which will provide a more efficient social benefit system, enabling the collecting of data regarding the eligibility of citizens for social benefits from the various institutions that hold the data.
The proposed system will enable the collection of data much more speedily and up-to-date by transferring the data electronically and securely, using XML format documents, from the relevant Ministry or institution that possesses the data to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Welfare. The system relies on web–services, and is therefore independent of the systems needing to be connected.

Project activities

  • Analysis and documentation of requirements and re-engineering of business processes to be aligned with the required system
  • Design of a system for collecting data electronically from various public institutions and Ministries, via a secure Internet connection, using PKI and web-services
  • Analysis of the data requirements for the future system, and their source
  • Functional and technical documentation of the system and other required tender documents
  • Project management