Project description

​ The specific objectives of the project were to support the Croatian authorities in the implementation of a large-scale capacity-building programme to I) Reclassify social benefits using ESSPROS methodology, II) Collect, validate and analyse the ESSPROS data, and III) Provide recommendations to ensure the sustainability of future data collection.
The work which has been provided and resulting recommendations for improving the SoNaL platform and database are expected to result in the following outcomes:
  • The capacity of local and national authorities to conduct the data collection, validation and analysis of social benefits using ESSPROS methodology is strengthened, and
  • The Croatian authorities' capacity to monitor the social benefits provided at the local level is strengthened

Project activities

  • ​Provided analysis of the ESSPROS data’s quality
  • Provided assessment of Local Authorities’ Training Needs
  • Development of practical training guide
  • Produced animated e-learning videos on how to provide ESSPROS data classification using the beneficiary’s SoNaL IT system
  • Organised and delivered capacity building training for 20 county data validators
  • Provided support to 500+ local authorities for data collection
  • ​Organise and deliver training/workshops to train national authorities
  • Perform validation of the ESSPROS data for previous years (2016-2019)
  • Prepare the Data Validation Report
  • Prepare a data analysis plan
  • Perform statistical analysis of the 2016-2019 ESSPROS data
  • Produce Data Analysis and Policy Recommendations Report
  • ​Produce Report on the Sustainability of the Data Collection, Validation and Analysis