Project description

The purpose of the project was to assist the Croatian Tax Administration (CTA) in achieving its strategic goals, including the achievement of the highest possible collection of public revenue and tax compliance rate, improving effectiveness of the tax audit procedure, improving the IT systems, recruitment and retention of expert staff, and, as a service provider, to achieve the highest possible satisfaction of the taxpayers. 
These objectives were achieved by analysing and documenting the major business processes employed at the CTA’s headquarters and in its core operations, identifying where these processes fall short of supporting the overall objectives of the CTA, and proposing reengineered business processes which will form a basis for future improvements in the efficiency and systems support in the CTA. A possible Implementation and Action Plan were produced for implementing the resulting proposed changes.

Project activities

  • Business process analysis – running workshops with those involved in the processes
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Documentation of current 'as is' processes and proposed 'to be' processes using IBM WebSphere Business Modelling tool
  • Business process management
  • Preparing and delivering training in business process analysis and modelling, business process management, reengineering, risk management and activity planning
  • Creating a Risk model proposal with mitigation strategies
  • Creating a detailed Action plan and Implementation Plan for proposed changes, including resource requirements, expected timescale and priority