Project description

The project is part of the programme that aims to enable the Republic of Croatia to achieve the required administrative capacity to effectively apply and implement the Acquis Communautaire in relation to Schengen acquis.

The target groups and the primary Project Partners of this project are Border Police Directorate, Criminal Police Directorate and Directorate for development, equipping and support within the Ministry of Interior in Croatia and all Croatian authorities which will have access to SIS II data.

The purposes of this contract are to determine all Croatian authorities which will have access to the SIS II data and the purposes for which they will have access, to document and review the existing information systems of those authorities, with a view to establishing any enhancements or modi?  cations required in order to enable them to exchange data with the SIS II system and to assess the security level of the existing information systems (those reviewed above) and to propose any necessary measures that need to be taken to meet current and future security requirements. Besides, the project aims to revise Croatian legal framework in relation to SIS II with regards to detailed suggestions for legal revisions and new laws to be drafted, and also to prepare the roadmap for setting up a Croatian information system of relevance for SIS II as well as a budgetary planning of the measures foreseen and the organizational scheme, the needed human, material and technical resources of N.SIS II Office.

Project activities

Services provided by Teched consultants, working for AAM:

  • Information security
  • Budgetary planning
  • Training and running workshops with the Croatian authorities