Project description

This project developed a comprehensive information system (ACIS) in the Anti-Corruption Sector (ACS) of the Ministry of Justice, Croatia.  The system serves as an information/data store which enables the ACS to implement, monitor and revise the anti-corruption policy.  It also allows two-way inter-agency communication and data exchange relating to the implementation of anti-corruption policy, and provides an Internet portal for access by citizens and to raise public awareness about anti-corruption activities.

Project activities

  • Business process analysis
  • Analysis of existing hardware, software and IT infrastructure
  • Specification of system requirements
  • Design, development and implementation of a central database solution for storing anti-corruption policy and data, with Intranet and Internet connectivity for access by citizens, and security subsystem enabling administration of access rights and permissions
  • Providing train the trainer workshops for users of the system
  • Defining a long term maintenance and support strategy and producing all necessary user manuals