Project description

The project addressed two particularly important aspects: improving ICT support in delivering services to clients and the broadening of lifelong career guidance services.
Within the ICT part of the project a cooperation model on data integration and exchange between key stakeholders in the field of employment was developed. The agreed model was based on the assessment of the level of coverage of CES business process with ICT support and recommendations for improvement.
In total, eight IT application modules and services in CES were developed and the existing applications were upgraded in accordance with the developed cooperation model. All new and modified IT modules were successfully integrated into the existing CES ICT system.
The other part of the project was focused on the improving of lifelong career guidance (LLCG) through establishing a national forum for lifelong career guidance, drafting a legislation for service delivery in the field of lifelong career guidance and establishment of the lifelong career guidance units in seven selected Croatian counties.

Project activities

  • Analysis and documentation of as-is business processes and to-be processes     
  • Streamlining and simplifying/re-engineering administrative procedures and business processes    
  • Improving efficiency of complex, non-transparent, time-consuming and incomprehensible administrative procedures    
  • Enabling the beneficiary to operate in a more transparent, efficient, cost-effective and timely manner and reducing administrative burdens on CES counselors, citizens and businesses  
  • Highlighting ICT recommendations for simplification of processes and administrative procedures    
  • Designed, developed and tested 8 software modules to implement the proposed improvements and simplifications and to support the requirements for LLCG    
  • Integration of new modules into the existing CES systems
  • Project management of ICT team