Project description

The objective of this project was designing a WEB questionnaire for collecting data from the built-in logical and computational controls, which meet the specific requirements according to the Croatian Bureau of Statistics (CBS). The application has the following functionalities:
  • Web questionnaire according to methodological instructions of  the CBS
  • Incorporating the ability to correct contact information by users
  • Incorporating logical-mathematical control over the data entered in the web questionnaire
  • Automatic download of data from existing mailing lists of CBS  in the web questionnaire
  • Automatically sending the confirmation to the customers of the receipt of completed information by e-mail, once they enter and send data through a web questionnaire
  • The ability to print questionnaires at users site
  • Automatic transfer of data entered into the database
  • Additionally logical and calculating control over the data in the database
  • Ability to correct the data in the database.

In addition, support was given to the CBS application administrators:

  • Search for businesses in the address list
  • Administering the contact information
  • Administering the possibilities and entry date of questionnaire
  • Administering the authority for all work on the application.
The next phase was to create a Module for data entry from paper questionnaires, incorporating logical and computational controls. Subsequently we created a Module for aggregation, processing, correction and tabulation of collected data.
Following the implementation to production, support was provided and project documentation and source code were delivered to the CBS.

Project activities

  • Design the complete web questionnaire solution
  • Develop the application web questionnaire
  • Test the developed web questionnaire
  • Implementation to production
  • Initial support in production