Project description

The purpose of this project is to ensure comparability of statistical data in Croatia by revising major classifications (classification of activities – NACE Rev. 2, and classification of products – CPA 2007) into subject-matter statistics. It also aims to improve coverage and quality of migration data, projections of population and production of some demographic indicators, to produce a methodology and carry out pilot data collection for Time Use survey (for the first time in Croatia), as well as providing background information and data for the time use study.  Statistics on human resources in science technology, patents, technology balance of payments, high technology products and industries will be introduced as new surveys, including regional aspects.

Project activities

  • Provision of IT support for the entire project
  • Amendments to the Statistical Business Register to improve the generation of address lists
  • Development of a survey selection screen
  • Provision of functionality to enable the statistician to have greater control over their survey samples
  • Additional requirements for data recording in the SBR