Project description

The purpose of the project was to supply Kosovo Police (KP) with a turn-key solution supporting Intelligence Led Policing (ILP) concepts. The new KP ILP system is composed of hardware elements (blade servers, SAN infrastructure, tape backup libraries, UPSs) and the software to be developed within the scope of this supply contract.
The focus of the new KP ILP system is the capture of key operational information which can be used for investigations as well as strategic and tactical planning. The system is designed to support the basic policing activities of the KP while also allowing for integration with other databases currently in use, or which might be developed in the future.
The KP ILP system is compliant with the Government of Kosovo standards for IT systems, meets all national standards for data protection, provides users with a single point of entry to other databases used by KP and provide the exchange of information with selected external sources capable of data exchange. The focus is also directed to develop, implement and customize a robust security system for the Kosovo Police. Security system is integrated with infrastructure providing users with a single sign-on feature to all systems.
The KP ILP system supports the submission of data and reports directly to the system and data is immediately available in the system, thus avoiding any delay in processing the data. The system relies on data entered directly by the user from whom the data originated. The system is built on web technologies so that virtually any device with web access (computer, smart phone, etc.) can be used for data capture or viewing. Data is available for searching from dedicated computers as well as from remote locations and web capable devices. In addition to the search capabilities, enhanced reporting functions is available in order to facilitate access to the data. The system is multilingual and supports Albanian, Serbian and English. Data was migrated from the existing databases.
Functions of the new KPIS can be grouped in several functional groups:
  • Operations Management (which includes Operations Management like activity log and Operational Reports Management like incidents, accidents, traffic citations, warrants, etc.),
  • Intelligence Management (which includes Intelligence Reports Management and data analysis),
  • Investigative and Intelligence Functions (which includes Case and Evidence Management),
  • Integrated Records Management (which includes Entity Management) and
  • Common System Functions (like user interface, geo-visualisation functions, security functions and enhanced investigation functions like advanced search).

Project activities

The project activities covered system design, installation, configuration, commissioning and data migration from the previous system. Detailed services provided are as follows:
  • Analysis of the existing IT system and business processes       
  • Preparation of the Functional Specification of the system and System Design document       
  • Iterative development and testing of the system       
  • Installation and preparation of the testing and the training environment       
  • Preparation of the Test Plan       
  • Testing       
  • Preparation of the Software Deployment Plan      
  • Pilot deployment      
  • Final deployment of the hardware and the software       
  • Preparation of the Training Plan       
  • Preparation of the Training materials      
  • Delivery of trainings