Successful completion of the project "Support for the development of the Croatian e-Health Strategic Development Plan 2020-2025 and Action Plan 2020-2021"

  • 3/16/2021

The project for the Croatian Ministry of Health was a part of the Framework Contract “Provision of Consultancy Services for the Development and Implementation of Structural Reforms in the EU Member States”. The project was awarded to an international consortium led by Belgian company IBF, and it was implemented by Teched Consulting Services Ltd. which was a member of the consortium.
The project contract was signed on December 12, 2019. The duration of the project was 13 months.

The specific objective was to support the national authorities in enhancing their capacity to formulate, develop and implement reform policies and strategies and in pursuing an integrated approach, ensuring consistency between goals and means across sectors, in line with Article 5 of the SRSP Regulation.

The Contractor supported the Ministry of Health, and more specifically its department in charge of e-Health, in developing the next comprehensive and medium-term strategic framework for e-Health development in Croatia (Croatian e-Health Strategic Development Plan), and the corresponding Action Plan. The new strategic framework incorporated the most recent developments in the e-Health field in Croatia while focusing on particular e-Health specific choices and activities to put forward a vision for 6 years, accompanied by a business implementation plan featuring operational business objectives for the same period (both initially agreed periods for the documents were adapted during the project implementation at Client’s request and turned into period 2021-2027).