Product description

e-ID is the central system for the identification and authentication of citizens in electronic administration. It is established as an integrated electronic identity system which provides adequate interfaces to all government e-services, to enable them to effectively identify and verify the identity of the citizen who is using them. e-ID enables management of a citizen’s electronic identity by creating a unified authentication system in an electronic environment, with no physical communication needed between the citizen and government bodies. The e-ID system, with electronic identity and a single sign-on mechanism, allows citizens to safely and conveniently use government e-services whilst, at the same time, revealing government bodies from having to manage an expensive user authentication infrastructure.

Product Details

  • Name: eID


  • National e-ID system for government and citizens removes the burden of citizen user account management and enables government bodies to create e-services
  • Enables citizens to use one set of credentials to access all government e-services
  • Compatible with EU STORK project for cross-border e-ID interoperability
  • Built in line with open technological standards (SAML 2.0)
  • Easy for government organizations to implement in new e-services or to integrate in existing e-services
  • Citizens only need a standard web browser on any device (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.)