Product description

Macroeconomic management and fiscal policy plays critical role in the overall budget preparation, planning and execution processes of a state government. The success of establishing a sound and sustainable fiscal budget within a medium term expenditure framework with the reasonable ceilings depends deeply on macroeconomic management that is delivering information to government policy makers. In order support the government during the budget preparation, large amounts of financial and socio-economic data must be gathered, stored, processed, analysed, presented and disseminated in an effective way – budget master data, data concerning revenues and expenditures, public debt, state’s assets, investments, treasury bills, (un)employment, price levels, etc.   In order to help the governments with this challenge, Teched Consulting Services designed and developed a Macroeconomic Data Framework & Budget Analytic for Croatian Ministry of Finance that facilitates and streamlines budgeting processes and resulting decision making procedures with special care taken for the performance and program based budgeting specificities.

Product Details

  • Name: MDF


  • It provides single point of access to consolidated dataIt decreases the time for creating reports from hours to seconds
  • It allows online and real time access to financial data through specific web based data browsing tool
  • It provides user friendly way for creating reports with drag & drop approach
  • It allows flexible customization of reports and built-in analyses
  • It enables advanced and predictive analytics to be created by power users and the used by others
  • It does not require for IT staff interventions while creating dynamic reports and designing the analysis
  • It is available to users on all modern platforms and devices, from PC’s to tablets and smartphones